The KDAbet DAO Vote

How Changes are Made to the KDAbet Protocol or DAO Structure

KDAbet business is undertaken by the process of making a proposal to the DAO. A proposal is submitted to change some aspect of the protocol and is sent to the DAO collective for a vote. If a majority of the DAO network votes yes for the proposal, the change is passed and it is up to the board of directors, comprised of kings, to implement the change in a timely fashion.

Common actions of the DAO are:

  • To approve an expenditure from the treasury

  • To sequester a call for data or new business relationship

  • To change the parameter of the softwares core protocol

  • To add a brand new feature to the softwares protocol

  • To add, remove or replace a board member

Initially, each proposal has a price attached to it of $25 USD equivalent of KDA. The reason for an attached price is to cull poor proposals from the DAO network and encourage a thoughtful submission via an oppourtunity cost for making one.

To perform a proposal or a vote, a Wallet with an assoiciated Kadena King NFT in it must be connected to the DAO's member role. The NFT hashcode acts as a key that allows a proposal submission to be made to the DAO smart contract via a PACT capability ticket.

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