🤝The KDAbet DAO

Idea, Concepts and Structure of the KDAbet DAO

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) benefits the sportsbetting space by removing centralized control from the operation of betting markets. Casinos and sportsbooks are thought off as extractions from retail bettors, which when set up, only benefit those that control the share, the token or whatever device the founders use to create a stranglehold on the profits of the sportsbook.

KDAbet is different, its central goal is to maximize the utility of the sportsbettor by eliminating central sources. Key differences in our DAO structure include:

  • Highly reduced costs due to elimination of expensive teams and 3rd party reliance

  • Eliminaton of central control mechanisms like shares, debt and tokens

  • Equal distribution of earnings accross a broad array of network participants

  • Open source software that ensures players get good odds and a fair shake

  • Extravagant rewarding of the DAO for bringing business to the protocol

When casino players and sports bettors can trust the software they play on because it is transparent in all of its motivations and no single entity can act against the best interests of the digital network, the end user's utility is naturally maximized.

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