⚔️K:nights NFT

Core the the Kadena King's Utility is the ability to mint a secondary NFT called the Kadena K:night which can be sold or gifted to a bettor in order to reward that bettor with the typical offerings in the sports betting space like:

  • Bet boosts: Geenrate slightly better odds on a bet

  • Freeroll on volume: A free bet after an amount of volume bet

  • Swag: Free swag randomly drawn

  • Progressives: Large growing lotteries on Chosen bets

  • Tournaments: Vigless tournaments in special occaisons

The king mints the knight and sells it on market keeping the proceeds from the mint. As well on any progressive sale of a K:night NFT, the King keeps the royalty generated by the K:night seller.

A King can mint up to 100 K:night NFTs to join their round table which is a list of wallets that are tracked and updated in a pact smart contract table.

Experience points

As the knight bets more and more, it progresses in value by acquiring experience and upgrading its bonuses to be more potent, becoming more valuable to the bettor.

Kings Utility

Each mint of the knight is tracked for volume bet in the protocol. For each dollar in hold generated by a round table of knights, the King directly rakes in 50% directly to their wallet. The remaining 50% funnels to the regular pool for normal distribution. This style of rake eliminates the need for subscriber fees or affiliate programs which are obscure and have centralized monitors who can eliminate an affiliates revenue arbitrarily. The kings affiliate utility is embedded directly in the smart contract and is immutable in nature.

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