KDA Lords. A Commons Income Stream.

Lords NFT. A Special King for the KDA Community.

Some Kings will not be sold as people who are unsure of the asset drop out of the NFT mint. These leftover NFTs will be held by the KDA community commons as the Lords NFT. The Lords have the exact same utility as the King but are restricted for the life of the protocol on any type of sale or vote.

The purpose of the Lord NFT is to generate capital for the KDA community in the form of Lord's Grants. The Lord's Grant is gifted to projects in the KDA community that meet a certain requirement of quality:

  • Technical capacity

  • Quality of project's ability to generate revenue for the community

  • Community involvement

The Lord's Grants will be managed by a team of Kadena community experts who are chosen by the King's DAO and represent the best of the community and will work with the local lanchpad to bring quality ideas to Kadena and make calls for projects that are desired on Kadena.

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