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The Kadena King/Kween NFT

The Core Asset NFT of the KDAbet excosytem
Kadena King or Kween NFTs are the fundamental asset of the KDAbet protocol. When minted, whichever wallet holds the King NFT allows the holder to access a key part of the KDAbet protocol smart contract which contains the proceeds of the casino/sposrtsbook houses take which is commonly called the "hold" and builds up into a "vault".
As noted the treasury is divided into a "kingpool" which is pure profit that is distributed amongst the king holders whose work product derived the capital and the treasury which is an amount of accruing money that is held back to pay for the protocol's operations.
The Kadena King is specifically designed to attack an underserved market in the sports betting world called the affiliate market. In sportsbetting, operators offer a program where the affiliate can sign up and send traffic to the operator via:
  • Website links
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • SEO
  • Offers and Discount marketing
And for each conversion, realize a fee.
The Kadena King embeds these functions inside the NFT and enriches the King Holder for their work product towards building out a more diverse and sizeable digital betting network. Furthermore The notion of leaderboards and tournaments are gamified within the protocol via a subsidiary mintable NFT called the Kadena K:night in order to create a richer social atmosphere and competitive groudwork for growth.
Only Kadena King wallets may mint K:nights.
All Kadena Kings are voter holders in the KDAbet DAO as explined in the previous topic and ultimately contribute to the evolution and direction of the betting protocol.
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