Open Source Betting Protocol

The Benefits of Decentralizing Proprietary Sportsbook Code.

Sportsbook and casino software is a deeply fragmented array of software services starting from data sources which is ingested by a backend and served by a frontend. Even worse, many services that are beyond an operators skillset like: Originating with machine learning, game theory of casino slots and various games or bonus abuse detection need to be integrated via a 3rd party API.

Many of these data services and API's are extremely expensive and limit the ability to operate in the space to those who are lucky enough to have capital markets access. An open source protocol seeks to eliminate prohibitive expenses of irrelevant companies that moat data and critical bookmaking and casino services. The KDAbet DAO encourages minimization of cost passing to the retail customer.

Additionally, users in the KDAbet community can write software to add utility to the end users experience. This critical outsourcing allows the KDAbet DAO to be nimble and cost effective, spreading the maintence accross a broader talent pool.

KDAbet utilizes the Kadena Blockchain which is an open and human reasable smart contract enginer which is easily scrutible and can be judged for fairness with respect to the end user. Because no-chain betting data is open and immutable, there is no arbitrary central control over financial business logic. In effect, the "code is the law".

KDAbet open sources its software and shares it with the community so as to eliminate needless complications in the sports betting space. We detail the software in the software section of our documentation.

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