KDAbet Protocol Wealth Distribution

How Wealth is Distributed to the DAO

Wealth is equally distributed to ALL DAO members who hold the Kadena King NFT in an equal measure. The generated wealth (known hereafter as the rake) is seperated into two pools:

The Treasury (33% of the rake)

The Treasury is the pool of capital which is used to conduct the business of the protocol including

  1. Paying out winning bets

  2. Paying Global Gaming Revenue (GGR) outflows for data rights

  3. Licensing & Legal

  4. Paying for 3rd party risk management software

  5. Paying stipends if required

Kingpool (66% of the rake)

The Kingpool is the pool of generated wealth that is equally distributed amongst the kings crypto wallets.

Changing the rake

The dynamics of the distribution is changeable by the DAO via a proposal with no less than 66% of the kings vote. This is a special rule to avoid vote engineering.

Treasury Threshold

The treasury threshold is a maximum treasury size that when reached, marks the capped amount of dollars that the smart contract can access from the rake. The threshold is equal to:

Fixed costs + GGR outflow + Tax outflow + 3*average monthly volume

  • Fixed costs include: License fees, legal fees, stipends, misc. fixed fees

  • GGR outflow is the percentage of gaming revenue that data rights firms take from revenue in return fo access to critical data.

  • Tax outflow is the percentage fee that must be paid to localized government.

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