The KDAbet DAO structure

Proportional Distribution of Total Asset Wealth Generation

The distribution of the network's total asset value should be increasingly decentralized in proportion to the size of the digital network that uses the betting software. Doing so maximizes the benefit to all users and keeps unwanted control out of the hands of any singular entity.

The KDAbet DAO is structured so that as the amount of users that bet on the site grow, the accumulated wealth of the treasury will naturally spread out over the networks users base and never accumulate into a single entities hands as is seen in various popular gamble-fi tokens. The goal is not to make markets on retail buyer demand nor to abuse newly onbaorded users who want to enjoy the utility of a token or NFT, but rather, to deliver the most enjoyable user betting market experience possible on Web3 for the KDAbet networks end users.

Our DAO is entirely purposed to server sports bettors and casino players, not corporate interests.

Diverse Decision Making Focused on Utility Maximisation

Sportsbook operators in Web2 paradigms are completely controlled by a small cartel of board members, shareholders or even worse, a single CEO. In Web3 paradigms, it is often a market maker or small team of builders who control the vast amount of supply of a market-serving digital asset and can effectively forbid users of the digital network any kind of price appreciation.

The KDAbet DAO has no digital token, no investors and no incentivized team. The software is completely open source and the value of the protocol lies in the large network of individuals who take an active stake in supplying ideas to make the software better and the distribution of its wealth more optimal toward maximizing the utility of the entire user base.

The DAO consists of half a thousand users guided by a highly experienced board of directors who have no stake at the onset aside from their fairmint nft ownership itself. Destructive and selfish decisions that harm the retail bettor for the benefit of a single entity are avoided by spreading out reasoning and voting into a diverse set of people from all walks of life who add their unique talents to the iteration of KDAbet software.

Reward Network Growth, not Increase of Customer Margins.

Most sportsbook operators are rewarded by price gouging customers and banning winning players. On the blockchain, when using smart-contracts to manage betting logic, users cannot be banned or limited in their use experience. In effect, code is law.

To reward the DAO that manages the software, the KDAbet DAO encourages its members to bring on customers to the protocol and disproportionately rewards them when those new customers make bets or play casino games on the betting platform thereby adding value to the network.

The concept of the bottom up management structure of KDAbet is "A rising tide lifts all boats." and the DAO members who put in excessive effort will be able to mint access NFT tokens that reward their wallets with a greater share of Global Gaming Revenue (GGR) from the customers they bring on.

By doing so, we reward growth over a punishing system of banning winners and griding down losing bettors that the traditional operator system thrives on in order to increase their pocketbook size.

Asset Ownership via Work Product and not Speculation for, or Expectation of Profit.

Ont the day of the KDAbet DAO mint date, the assets are only worth the cost to produce them. Due to there being no market to trade the assets, nor any token or central team, the value accretion of the asset is simply a function of the work product of the DAO itself. Whether it is contribution to the open source code, business proposals via the DAO or research and networking to grow the digital network, it is the DAO members themselves that derive all the value appreciation of the protocol from $0 upwards.

Furthermore the special DAO nft which ID's a member via their wallet is "fair minted", which strictly prohibits any users from having more than 1 nft per user and decentralizes the asset so that no entity can unfairly capitalize on the work product of other DAO members before all the tokens are generated.

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