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KDAbet is web3's first truly decentralized and autonomous crypto casino and sports betting market which utilizes cutting edge techniques to deliver an automated, low margin, high volume sports betting experience to its users. By decentralization we specifically mean that the ownership of the software protocol's work product and its corresponding finances is decentralized as well as the transaction data that comprises the betting markets.

Modern betting operators are burdened by a host of parasitic entities including regulatory bodies, data moats, white label software companies and affiliate marketing partners which robs their customers of rich and engaging user experiences. The burdensome costs of this data, regulation and marketing system forces the sports book to offer uncompetitive lines and outright ban winning players in order to fulfill the profit taking of equity stakeholders and management.

KDAbet is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) which champions:

  • No centralized corporate ownership.

  • No centralized decision making

  • No venture capital investments

  • No tradeable tokenized asset (security)

By building a sports bookmaking and crypto casino software in this manner, it seperates the function of the sportsbook from any speculative force or middleman type entity and instead widely distributes its operating profit to a democratic consensus of asset bearing decision makers that become increasingly decentralized and dilute as the size of the volume grows on the software.

KDAbet is a diverse and rich community of people and players who are commited to engaging in sports, E-sports and casino entertainment without any centralized force conducting predatory business or banning the users from enjoying their age old past-time of taking a punt on their home team and enjoying the game.

Solving Critical Tech Problems In the Betting Operator Field

Operating companies have immense problems which force them to be unfair to sports betting customers. Data costs and regulatory burden strangle companies into high cost, low margin situations and by doing so force them to restrict all skilled players instead of pay the expense to manage complex risks of taking bets. On the blockchain, bets cannot be cancelled or restricted. Once a smart contract logic is engaged, it will resolve programmatically and immutably w.r.t to the supplied league official data which resolves the very same logic.

Traditionally, excess profits are completely consumed by the operator and its debt burden (shareholders, investors). The common player sees no benefit of supplying their data or business to the legacy bookmaker; They are treated much like a pickpocket would treat their victim.

In the KDAbet system, instead of giving the money to rich executives and making them billionaires, the DAO uses excess profits to reinvest in and grow the network. KDAbet gives back to the bettor because there are no billionaires trying to extract capital in an open source software which has no company controlling it. It is the user network that extracts the capital and rewards itself, aka: the betting populace and protocol builders.

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