The KDAbet DAO Board.

How Proposals are Controlled and Refined at KDAbet.

DAO proposals should not be immedaitely passed upon a direct democratic vote without any consideration on the impact it will have on the utility of a protocol's user base. Direct democratic votes suffer from:

  • Vote Apathy and lack of participation

  • Cartel formation when a few influential voters control many votes

  • Voter gridlock when rules are passed that make votes hard to pass

  • Cash Grabs when cartels take advantage of low vote tallies

  • Voter ignornace on an issue which may require nuance

To combat these deleterious effects we institute a board of directors, who must be king NFT holders and who are trained professionals in the sports betting space. The board is an honorary position group that has no extra voting power but instead advises the DAO by revising and advising on how to make proposals better suited towards the sports betting marketplace.

The board is also responsible for taking all approved processes and executing them within an agreed upon time period that has been approved by the DAO.

The Board Revision Process

The KDAbet dao board of directors has the power to send the proposal back to the DAO with revision notes and a time period of dicussion before a recast of the vote. The revision notes contain nuance, pros and cons of a provision from the members with respect to the proposal. The proposal may be sent back a maximum of 3 times with a maximum vote re-cast period of 2 weeks per push. This process will ensure enough due diligence to ensure prospoals are scoped properly and reasoned out.

Initial Board Members

Stephen Rothwell

15+ yrs experience in professional sports betting. 10+ years experience building PAM systems and AI driven oddsmaking software. 3 Exits in sports betting and 1 IPO in 2020.

Sam Bradbury

10+ yrs experience in casino gaming. Owner of BB games, managing and selling over 3 dozen slot games to large scale operators. 10+ years business development in the I-gaming space.

Ian Balchin

20+ yrs experience in casino and sportsbook. At scale bookmaing experience at Betsson and Kindred with a strong generalized focus on the big picture launch and maintenece of the sports book and marketing stack.

James Mcloughlin

15+ yrs experience in bookmaking in marketing at Betfair Australia, Boom and Consultation for over a dozen bluechips. Specialty in digital strategy, search engine optimization (SEO) and lead generation.

Execution of Approved Processes

Upon a passed approval, The board has a time scoped period to excecute the approval and must execute it in the scope that was provided, If the task cannot be completed in the time scope for some unforseen reason, the board must provide a reasonable explanation for the lack of execution within 1 week of the delviery deadline date.

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