📓Voting Rights

The King NFT is the KDAbet DAO Voting Rights mechanism

The Kadena King nft is itself a cryptographic token built on MarmaladeNG that is immutable and points to permenant metadata that describes the kings attributes and unlocks its utility. In the meta-data lies a property called the token id which is data that can be used to create a ticket which can be used to intreact with a table in a PACT smart contract module.

In terms of the voting policy, our DAO which is built on Swarms.finance checks the wallet that is connected to the DAO interface for any NG NFT tokens that match a fixed token entry in a KDAbet module ledger. If a token is found in the wallet (or multiple tokens) the wallet is then allowed to capture one fixed vote for any vetted token found in the wallet.

As well, the wallet adress would be allowed the permission to create a policy (by expending tokens) on the swarms DAO if it verifiiably carried at least one Kadena Knig NFT token.

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