Back End Software

A Description of KDAbet Back End Software

KDAbet serves a highly concurrent and robust backend for betting micro-services using OTP and the elixir programming language.

KDAbet protocol services are robustly serperated into state independant micro-services that run on genservers and are supervised by monitoering processes native to the Elixir language. Not only are our critical services highly concurrent but are fault tolerant as well ensuring a guarantee of 5 9's uptime. (less than 4 seconds a year downtime).

Elixir is a functional programming language as well and seperates its core of modular functions away from the surface boundry of its compiled application. This provides a robust security framework with respect ot user input functions and the database (via a level of seperation)

KDAbet protocol applications are also easy to mix and match in production via the mix protocio's robust and userful release system. Different versions of teh software can be released and hosted with ease.

Choosing Elixir as a backend also allows for unparalleled handling of distributed services. Elixir is designed to run on multiple machines and is known as the most scalable and robust backend language on the earth. A sports betting application can host many tens of thousands of concurrent users in peak house and this is waht the kdabet platform is designed to do.

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