🌐Round Tables

Each King NFT also generates an interesting structure called the round table which tracks the wallet identity, betting metrics and profitability of the K:nights that are associated with a king. Each King will have a custom web page in the KDAbet frontend where they can chat with their round table and share data and rewards with their K:nights.

Leaderboard and Kingdoms Chatroom

The leaderboard page on the KDAbet frontend is a page that tracks which Round table is the most royal betting stable in the kdabet ecosystem. As always a general global chat is availabel for bettors to meme, chat and post their thoughts about sports betting, life, culture and sports news.

King's Boon (Player Tracking)

The Kadena kings will be able to gift their round table with the proceeds of their kingpool rake. This can take the form of many types of gifts from cash prizes for top bettor as an example and will be embedded in the KDAbet smart contract protocol in order to monitor and track engagement. If a Knight is falling off in engagement on the Kingpool page, a robust tracking metric will be seen by the King that informs them that a Boon might re-activate the activity of the round table member and action can be taken.


It is theoretically feasible that a king could mint K:nights and then not generate any utility because there are more winners in there round table than losers or a single massive winning sports bettor that eliminates all of their affiliate profit.

To combat this very unlikely scenario, KDAbet will engage in tournaments that allow each round table to compete for the top prize of the best betting stable in the kdabet ecosystem. A small proportion of hold in the treasury will be put aside to build up the tournament prize. This dynamic rewards round tables for being "winning bettors" allows for a friendly arena of betting stables to compete for sizeable winner take all prizes.

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