Open Source DAO IP and Extensible UX.

How Open Source UX and Backend Benefit the Digital Network

All software that deals with the protocols transaction layer, microservices layer and ux layer are open source and therefore extensible via pull request or forkable and can use the smart contract protocol to re-skin and offer value to the digital network.

Open Source software is an important component of our DAO as anyone in our network or even outside of it can build code to increase the utility of the web interface and PACT smart contract layer. This layer of decentraliztion ensures that work product can be spread out across the DAO and ensure that there is no central source of interest that is speculating or expecting a profit off of the software being deployed on Kadena.

The KDAbet software is built entirely in Elixir/Erlang which famously was used to build WhatsApp with only 16 employees and server tens of millions of customers. We choose this language to reduce the cost burden of development on the DAO and deliver maximum performance to the end user.

Decentralized IO

Sports betting is realiant on a lot of off-chain real world data and in order to serve the markets accurately a decentralized solution for oracles is required for an on-chain crypto casino and sportsbook. To decentralize Critical IO, the KDAbet protocol depends on teh aggregation of data sources to make a statistical consensus of what the ground truth is w.r.t sporting matchups. These aggregations include

  • Schedules

  • Scores

  • Odds

  • Player Lineups

  • Injury Data

  • Much more...

It is only when a host of distributed truths are combined statistically that an IO can be trusted as even leauge official data can be corrupted. Our open source protocols use a combination of techniues including webscraping, api access and OCR to consistantly create a quorum of critical inputs for the smart contract to ingest.

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